Simple soundfont loader and player for WebAudio API. A much simpler and lightweight replacement for MIDI.js

Works out of the box with Benjamin Gleitzman's package of pre-rendered sound fonts. Just load the library and play.


Load the library...

<script src="soundfont-player.min.js"></script>

... or require it using a npm package compatible environment (webpack, browserify):

var soundfont = require('soundfont-player');

Then load the instrument and play:

var ctx = new AudioContext();
soundfont(ctx, 'acoustic_grand_piano').then(function(instrument) {'C4', 0);

It uses Promise(s), so a modern browser is required.


Edit this list of notes: And play!

Instruments available

Just copy and paste:

accordion acoustic_bass acoustic_grand_piano acoustic_guitar_nylon acoustic_guitar_steel agogo alto_sax applause bagpipe banjo baritone_sax bassoon bird_tweet blown_bottle brass_section breath_noise bright_acoustic_piano celesta cello choir_aahs church_organ clarinet clavinet contrabass distortion_guitar drawbar_organ dulcimer electric_bass_finger electric_bass_pick electric_grand_piano electric_guitar_clean electric_guitar_jazz electric_guitar_muted electric_piano_1 electric_piano_2 english_horn fiddle flute french_horn fretless_bass fx_1_rain fx_2_soundtrack fx_3_crystal fx_4_atmosphere fx_5_brightness fx_6_goblins fx_7_echoes fx_8_scifi glockenspiel guitar_fret_noise guitar_harmonics gunshot harmonica harpsichord helicopter honkytonk_piano kalimba koto lead_1_square lead_2_sawtooth lead_3_calliope lead_4_chiff lead_5_charang lead_6_voice lead_7_fifths lead_8_bass__lead marimba melodic_tom music_box muted_trumpet oboe ocarina orchestra_hit orchestral_harp overdriven_guitar pad_1_new_age pad_2_warm pad_3_polysynth pad_4_choir pad_5_bowed pad_6_metallic pad_7_halo pad_8_sweep pan_flute percussive_organ piccolo pizzicato_strings recorder reed_organ reverse_cymbal rock_organ seashore shakuhachi shamisen shanai sitar slap_bass_1 slap_bass_2 soprano_sax steel_drums string_ensemble_1 string_ensemble_2 synth_bass_1 synth_bass_2 synth_brass_1 synth_brass_2 synth_choir synth_drum synth_strings_1 synth_strings_2 taiko_drum tango_accordion telephone_ring tenor_sax timpani tinkle_bell tremolo_strings trombone trumpet tuba tubular_bells vibraphone viola violin voice_oohs whistle woodblock xylophone


MIT License